Alfie’s first Swim

So the girls wanted to take Alfie swimming on sunday, I was a little wary “will it be too busy? “will it be warm enough?” “where will I change him?” were a few thoughts that burdoned my over loaded brain.

I decided I would put my faith in the leisure centre and give it a went the swimming nappy, towell, trunks, inflatable chair, clean nappy, wipes, change of clothes (just in case) and bottle into the bag and off we went!
When we got there my mind was put at ease as there were chairs and tables pool side which meant that my hubby who is disabled could dry Alfie off and get him dressed without entering a changing room with him, whilst I got back in the pool with girls…they need mummy time too!
With his swimming nappy and trunks on and an out of breath me from blowing up the inflatable we all headed in to the pool.
Oh my god it was freezing!!!
Instant worry “he’ll be too cold and is going to hate it”
He didnt hate it at all, after a quick look of shock on his face he absolutley loved it…the inflatable chair was fantastic as girls had fun pushing him around and he splashed and giggled away 30 minutes!!
After my hubby dried and changed him he fell asleep in his pushchair totally content and exhausted.

I wanted to share this experience as like me worried mummys may find the whole idea of taking a 5 month old swimming daunting, I know I did when the  girls suggested it, especially having more than one child and it has been a long time since I took a baby swimming, but as I found, on this occasion it is doable and was very enjoyable especially for Alfie!!

well done and thank you for the nice experience


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