5 Months old…How???!!

Five months seems like a fair amount of time…if your waiting on a holiday, Christmas, Birthdays or going through pregnancy, time goes as you would expect it to…slowly. Once your reach the date you’ve been waiting for you then look back and think ‘actually that went fairly quick’.

The realisation of how quick time goes hits you when you have a baby….Alfie was born in February this year and my brain is still stuck in about April. I have completely lost may and June and am gobsmacked that we are now in July and my little bundle of joy is now 5 months old!!!

I’ve been working on auto pilot…. my brain working through the following plan!

Feeding time
Changing time
School time
Feeding time
Changing time
School time
Family time
Oh.. and shopping and housework!

Now as I have been doing this day to day I have been fully aware that time is passing and that my day is over before I know it! I have witnessed Alfie smile for the first time, giggle, roll over and begin to wean but it still has not prepared me for the fact that this time has now gone and I will never get it back!

My little 19 inch long 7lb 4oz Baby who slept most of the day, gave the odd smile and enjoyed his 4 ounce bottles, is now 27 inches long 16lb, trying to sit up, having baby food, 8 ounce bottles, babbling and giggling at me!

How can all that have happened in 5 months? and although I’ve been there every step of the way….its gone too fast, the tiny baby stage has gone and what scares me the most is that in 5 months time again everything will once again be different and I will be looking back asking myself  ‘Where has the time gone?’
The little things that make Alfie giggle now will be different, he will be on solid food, crawling, possibly walking and the baby babbling will have gone!

Children change so much and time passes too quickly…..maybe the only answer to counteract the speed of time is to slow down myself, to forget what needs to be done (apart from the feeding bit) and just enjoy what’s happening in the moment, maybe then I won’t need to wonder where the last 5 months have gone, I will know and even better I will remember!


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