eBaybies….. Why buy new???

New £50  eBay £15

eBay £5

New: £90 eBay: £40.
Today myself and Alfie went on a little road trip, the purpose of this trip was to pick up a a walker that I bought on eBay for £5. It took us an hour there and back during which Alfie babbled away and giggled at my singing, the trip cost me £10 in petrol so in total the walker cost me £15 and an enjoyable hour in the car with my little man. 
This is not the first item I have bought from eBay for Alfie since He has been born, He is the proud owner of a sit me up car and a Jumperoo of which in total have cost me £55 instead of £140 that I would have had to spend to buy them new and in which case He probably wouldn’t have.
Why buy new?
Babies grow so quickly and they go through so many developmental changes in such a short space of time, that most of the equipment we buy them they grow out of within a couple of months of purchase, The same is correct for the clothes we buy, Alfie is growing out of clothes all the time some he has never worn and others just a handful of times, they are all too good to just throw away.
When I had my eldest daughter 11 years ago all the clothes, equipment and toys were all new, I never considered buying second hand and to be honest I wouldn’t really have known where to look to get them. Yes there were charity shops but I felt and still do that they can over price items and if I would only be saving £5 here and there I figured new was better.
Nowadays however we have eBay, Gumtree, Facebook, second hand baby shops, car-boots, etc…and buying babies what they need is no longer such an expensive game.
By recycling high priced items such as: 
Moses baskets
Jumperoos (such things didn’t exist 11 years ago)
People are able to afford to purchase the necessary aids that babies may need or enjoy at each developmental stage. Instead of one baby enjoying a Jumperoo for 3 months why not 2, 3, 4, or more!
I have been very impressed with eBay and facebook, there are so many parents selling items that their children no longer need and at affordable prices. I have now sold some of the clothes and equipment that Alfie has outgrown so that other little ones can now enjoy them.
In 2015 I think we are very lucky to be able to do this and as parents I hope we can continue to help each other out!


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