What a Week………

 Alfie’s sitting up! 5 months old

Megan’s Rollercoaster

New Garden for Alfie and Girls to play in


Millie leaves Primary School!

Wow I’m pretty sure We’ve never had such a busy week!

Task 1:

The mayhem started Sunday when Megan informed me that she had to make a 3d model of a roller coaster that she designed in school!
With no ‘blue print’ and only two days in which to complete it, we raided the recycling bag and after an agonising few hours including tears and tantrums…(mainly from me) it was finished!
It rode to school in Alfie’s pushchair and she won 1st prize!!

Task 2:

The garden hasn’t really been play friendly for a while, and We finally decided we had to do something about it, especially with the summer holidays arriving.
With a lot of help from our friends we took up 25 slabs from the side of the house and made a patio, levelled off the grass and replaced the slabs at the side with pebbles. It took 12 hours altogether and now the Girls and Alfie have a proper garden to play in and we have somewhere nice to sit outside.

Commence Handstands, Cartwheels and Bouncy chair!!!

Task 3:

Millie’s last day of school.
Myself and Alfie were invited to Millie’s leavers assembly Friday morning, it was lovely.
The assembly was organised by year 6 and they all stole the show, there was dancing, singing, drama and a game show and it was absolutely fantastic! Alfie enjoyed watching all the children and even jumped (well was carried) into a photo with Millie and all her closest friends.
It was an emotional morning but nothing could have prepared me the heartbreaking tears that came at the end of the day. All of the girls were devastated and it was so hard to see, especially my Millie as she usually bottles things up but she was heart broken.
Its such a big change for them, as much as they have grown up they are still little girls leaving all that they have known for the last 8 years!

Wishing them all lots of luck and fun in their new schools!

and finally….

This morning my clever little man sat all by himself for about 6 minutes!!!!!

This week has literally been an emotional roller coaster…with a few slabs thrown in!, looking forward to our holiday on monday!


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