Santa came…need a bigger House!

So Santa came this year…Alfie must have been a very good boy!!

He loved opening all the pressies, and to my surprise was more interested in the toys than the wrapping paper!!
Nana came up for Christmas day this year as it was Alfie’s first which made the day extra special!
We had a lovely morning, opening stockings in the Bedroom and then making our way down stairs to see the carnage Santa had left in the living room!!!

Alfie and the Girls were extremely lucky they got so much, and during the joy of festivities I didnt at that point consider where it was all going to go…I have now!!!!

Christmas Dinner was a hit, The girls had previously given me a list of what they would like to eat, essential otherwise Millie would have a plate of roast potatoes and Megan a plate of turkey….. they are sooo fussy with their food!!
Alfie ate mostly Brussel Sprouts…… Funny little man! the Girls touched none!

Once Dinner was over Millie and Megan went to their Dads and Alfie went for a post Christmas dinner nap. Whilst little man was sleeping myself, Andy and my Mum spent 2 hours…yes 2!!! attempting to put together Alfie’s Toot Toot Animal track!!

With a little help from a very clever friend later it was assembled…. and I am now bound to babysitting duties this year as I said it couldn’t be done!!!
Alfie loves it though so that is all that matters…I think!!!
The rest of the afternoon was spent eating, drinking and watching television, with a little bit of playtime in between.
It was a wonderful day with my little Family and for Alfie’s first Christmas and I am so excited for next year when he will be more aware of the magic!…… and to living in Mansion big enough to house it all!!!!
Santa’s snack!

Putting out Reindeer food

Dinner time!!!


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