New Dummy…..HOW DARE YOU!!

Ok so I decided Alfie needed a new dummy, he has been quite poorly lately with coughs and colds and although I’ve sterilized his dummy regularly I figured a new one would be, well a little less germy!!

Off I go to Asda to purchase his usual… a pack of two Avent dummies. As I stood looking at the array of dummies asda had to offer I clearly lost my mind as I decided against his usual and went for what I thought was a newer flashier model (bright yellow bumble bee and frog)  of dummy!
When I got home Alfie was happily playing so I sterilized the new dummies and put his old one away…Yay go me!!

Nooooo…… bad me!!! Little man got a bit fed up of playing and as it was almost dinner time I thought I’d give him is new ‘num ‘num” while I prepared his dinner…..

Note to self.

Never never never, unless you have gone clinically insane or want your baby to look at you as though you have just ripped his heart out…buy a different brand of dummy!

This is what happened….

Alfie put dummy in his mouth and spat it back out!
Alfie screamed and screamed and screamed!
I offered old dummy…
Alfies threw old dummy across the room!
and screamed and screamed and temper for 35 minutes!
Dummies were flying everywhere new and old!! Now Alfie refuses to crawl or shuffle in any way shape or form, however in sheer temper he managed to make his way across the bed to grab a dummy I had placed out of harms way in order to once again Chuck it as far as his little hands would allow him!

after trying to explain to an 11 month old that it’s ok he can keep the old one, begging him to take the old one and finally rocking and singing to him, Alfie fell asleep.
He woke up a while later, drama forgotten had his dinner and whilst playing with his big sisters picked up one of the new dummies and placed it in his mouth…….

We like this new ‘num num’s NOW!

Tommy Tippee bees and frogs it is from now on son!!!



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