Mummy Ninja

Alfie has realised now that if Mummy or Daddy leave the room that He is alone, and He has decided at 11 months that He doesn’t want to be alone, all be it for only a few minutes!

I can be sat in the room and He will be playing lovely and paying no attention to me whatsoever but the minute I get up to do something His little face looks like I am leaving him forever!

It is very cute and I love that He loves me and wants me with him but I’m pretty sure We would all perish of thirst and hunger surrounded by mess and dirty washing if I didn’t move!

Enter the Ninja Mummy….

Step 1

Make Sure little man is engrossed in playing or in desperate times Baby t.v!

Step 2

Get up as quietly as possible..sometimes using the sofa slide to ensure no sudden movements are noticed.

Step 3

Slowly and quietly navigate over the toys and out of sight as quickly as possible

Step 4

Breathe …. and await any signs of acknowledgement that I have been caught.

Step 5

Carry out necessary task as quick as possible and return to room just in time to Smile lovingly at My Boy who has looked up with a ‘I know What you did’ look upon his beautiful little face!

playing alfie


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