18 Days ’till The Big 1!!!


I can not believe that we are on the countdown to Alfie’s 1st Birthday!!

Where has the last year gone??

My little Man has changed so so much and is doing new things everyday….(apart from crawling or walking lol).

Alfie’s Words:

Alfie is trying to copy all the sounds he hears, such a clever boy! We now have definate words that he can say and seems to understand the meanings too.





‘Ta’ and



Alfie loves to shake his head ‘No’ to any question we ask him and he finds it very funny!!

We can clap

Hi – five

and love to point at things!!


Alfie’s favourite things to play with are balls…and can pick them up and throw them to you ..( Well, in your direction…somewhere in the room! lol)

He loves to take his wooden people out of the bus and put them back in after a little chewing!!

and anything that makes noise is ACE in Alfie’s world!!


Alfie has now mastered drinking his milk all by himself!!


This makes life a little easier…Thank you Son!! x

Favourite Foods:

Pancakes, waffles, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, cheese sandwiches

strawberries, blueberries, cucumber, kiwi, raspberries,

fish, chicken, potato, brussell sprouts, Yorkshire pudding,

yoghurts, bread sticks, vegetable crisps and rice cakes!

Alfie loves his grub!!! The only thing He doesn’t like at the minute is Broccoli!!


I am so proud of our gorgeous boy and am amazed at what a cheeky, funny, clever little man he is!! I can’t wait to celebrate His 1st Birthday but am also silently sobbing that the first year of his life is nearly complete and that he is growing up so fast!!!

Slow Down Bubba Mummy isn’t ready!!! …(I do give you permission to crawl though….. whenever your ready!)





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