Alfies 1st Haircut!


So after the disaster that was the man bun, I decided that Little Man needed a hair cut!!!

I took him to the nearest barbers and predicted a nightmare! Once again My gorgeous boy suprised me….


Alfie sat on my lap and was all smiles for the Barber, Once the scissors came out He began to wriggle about wanting to see what was going on but still no tears! Through fear of his eyes or ears being sliced I held his head in a vice like grip which just gave Alfie the hump!

Out came the phone and the fabulous Peppa Pig saved the day!

Alfie sat beautifully watching Peppa while the Barber wet, combed and cut his hair!

hair 2.jpg

Didn’t think He could get any cuter…… but he has!!!!!!

It has changed his face and He looks so grown up!!! I have kept his hair as us Mummys do and it is safely in his Baby Keep Sake box!!!


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