Party Time!!


Alfie Ready to greet His Guests!

We decided to have Alfie’s 1st Birthday Party a few days before his Birthday as it falls on Wednesday and a school night party is never a good idea! (learnt from experience).

The fact that I am writing about this day amazes me as I honestly can not believe My Baby Boy is nearly 1!!!

We had a lovely afternoon with lots of friends round to celebrate. Millie and Megan came home early although as big sisters and their friends do they spent most of the party in their room but did come down for cake lol!!!!

Alfie loved opening His presents from His little Friends and got more and more excited as the afternoon went on! He definately knew the party was for Him and lapped up the attention bless him!

There was lots of food, baby t.v and balloons (much to my irrational Horror!… Mummy doesn’t like balloons!)



Presents included… Wooden Puzzle, a fantastic pull the tab book, clothes and a Toot Toot car!!!! Alfie loves them all!! He is such a lucky Boy!!

Now I am fully aware that We will not be winning any prizes for Alfie’s cake but it was made with love and my goodness did he enjoy it! So here it is in all it’s glory!!!


Its all mine!!!




Hee Hee and I have proof!!!! Yummy!!!

The fact that Alf had such an amazing day makes me so happy and celebrating His first Birthday with our little family and all our friends was sooo amazing!

His first year has gone far too quick and I am pretty sure there will be tears shed on Wednesday when this Beautiful funny Baby Boy of mine actually turns 1!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Mummy’s Gorgeous Boy!!!! xxxxxx



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