1st Birthday Celebrations cont…

Alfie has had a very Lovely and very busy week!!!

He celebrated his 1st Birthday in style and loved every minute of it!!!!


Alfie loved opening all his presents with Millie and Megan on his Birthday… He was so excited with every one bless Him!!

He spent the day chilling and playing with Mummy, Daddy, Nana and His godparents. When the Girls came home from school it was cake time!!!


We had such an amazing day and I made it through with just a few tears shed that my Baby Boy is now 1!!

On Friday it was Granny’s turn to celebrate with Alfie!!

Alfie had lots more pressies to open from His Granny, and Aunties and Uncles! Once again He was full of smiles and excitement!!

As half of our Family live in London, On saturday my sister came up to visit so Alfie, Millie and Megan got to spend some time with their cousins!!


We all had a fantastic time!!!

Alfie has had such a special week!

Lets hope this week he doesn’t get the Birthday Blues…. as it it will be a much quieter week with no presents to open lol!!!!



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